How can we Reduce Resistance and Increase Cooperation?
Inspire our children to Trust our Guidance?
Reduce Power Struggles?
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When we treat our kids in ways that make them trust our guidance less, they resist us more. When this happens we are often at a loss for what to do and end up resorting to coercion. When trust is damaged, kids are less enthusiastic about collaborating with us.

In this FREE 40 minute video course I offer a series of strategies you can implement to create a deeper guiding relationship with your kids.

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New Course

Mistakes are part of life. Parenting mistakes even more so! We all make them every day. It’s why I call myself a Mistake Making Machine.  This awareness helps us have more patience with ourselves and more Grace with our children's mistakes. 

When we attach shame and blame to the situation we tell ourselves there's something wrong with us. "What's your problem? You're not a good parent. You're damaging your child." All the voices of our childhood. You ARE worthy of Love and Compassion. You CAN be the parent you want to be. Be kind to yourself and make small, consistent changes.

In this course we will explore concepts and strategies that help us work with our mistakes to propel us forward on our parenting journey. This course is $37. Included in the course is a 2 hour video workshop, a guided meditation, a comprehensive written course, that is also downloadable as an e-book.