giving is wealth
Fear Holds Me Back

I am afraid of stepping out and taking chances.
I want to blame all sorts of people and circumstances for this,
but the simple truth is, I am afraid.

The opposite of fear is courage, of course. But what is courage?

In His book Ancient Secrets Of Success Mr. Tulshi Sen writes that the word courage comes from the French “coeur” or heart. So to have courage means to have heart.

Your Heart Knows

To listen to your heart
To operate from your heart
To always follow the dictates of your heart

What is my heart saying right now?

It is yearning for freedom.
To be expressive and creative
To explode with love and feeling
To give…
My heart wants to give

Giving Is Wealth

Fear makes giving impossible, because fear needs to hold on.
Fear makes giving feel like a loss.

The heart knows giving is a gain.
I suppose it follows that supreme giving
Giving of your entire being
Would be a supreme gain!

Giving is Yoga

This is true Yoga
In giving everything I gain everything.
I want to do Yoga

Not physical yoga of postures and breath (as fun as that may be)
But giving myself over completely to the Divine in every moment

“Living On Pure Giving!”

Living On Pure Giving

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  • May 16, 2015 at 1:58 pm

    Thank you! this is beautiful! I also love the picture you have chosen with this blog. It shows the beauty of giving for the sake of giving!


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